About Us

About us

The Centre for Art & Entrepreneurship is located at

Adolphsvej 59, 1 floor

2820 Gentofte Municipality

Centeret er stiftet af

JULIE PI (Founder and Partner)

Throughout his career, Julie has worked with the development of individual and organizational potentials. She has built up businesses, communities, platforms and interconnected systems. Julie focuses especially on physical environments, and has previously developed the incubation environment, the Growth factories. She was originally trained as a flautist, and after 10 years as a professional musician and teacher, she was curious to find out what impact art and creativity have on our society, on human development and how it can be implemented in Practice.

KARINA ROTHOFF BRIX (Founder and partner)

Karina is a graduate of cand. Merc. Jur and has a master in management development. Throughout her career, she has created new organisations and initiatives within entrepreneurship. Since 2009, she has built the CBSs Great Centre for practical Entrepreneurship called the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. Karina has extensive experience in training programmes, research in entrepreneurship, management of large pools and funds. She Also sits on the Innovation Fund's investment panel and is a board member in university initiatives such as Venture Cup and CBSSTARTUP. Dk

Our Network is diverse and inspiring versatile, and although the Pi Talent Academy is a small company with few employees, we range from artists to lawyers.

We work in consortia and other collaborative works. We always put together the team for the task based on what is specifically needed and how our projects can have the greatest impact.

Advisory Board

The Centre for Arts and Entrepreneurship has attached a advisoryboard that helps with strategy and sparring on specific actions and actions.

Mads V. Kragh

  • Cand. polit from K.U. With broad professionalism in business and business development. Specific areas of competence are strategy, financing and internationalisation, where entrepreneurship and the development of incubation environments are a specialty area.
  • Ceo of Glaseland and the Growth factories
  • Author of the Book Entrepreneurial Society (Gyldendal, 2015)
  • Ex. Director at Tivoli and contact Manager in VisitDenmark.
  • Ex. Regional Manager in the Danish Industry
  • Experience with work from private equity fund internationalisation, where entrepreneurship and the development of incubation environments is a specialty area.

Henrik Busk

  • Designer and Trendsetter
  • Design Manager in Bestseller
  • Founder and owner of miscellaneous brand: Busk bus K
    Shantex District
    Point Royal

Flemming Egtved

  • Specialist in business development, finance and management
  • Partner in Oaklins Denmark