The Centre for Art & Entrepreneurship works in all activities based on a set of dogmas:


We develop projects, processes and concepts in art and entrepreneurship and in their interactions.
We always think big and collaborate with companies, artists, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, municipalities and other public companies.

Crossfield between art and entrepreneurship

The Centre for Art & Entrepreneurship has in recent years created concepts that support children and young people's learning within the intersection of art and entrepreneurship. In Our environments, children move in a culture where they are motivating to transform artistic and creative approaches, with the aim of increasing their desire to be entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs later in life.

We are based on children's natural and innate ability to get ideas. We support and stimulate the playful child and support the child in translating ideas and creations into products using, inter alia, the following. Digital skills.

Dedicated educators, performers and business innovative heads, guides and helps to put the ideas of children and young people into practice. Everyone involved is trained in pulling out what works out of the participants ' pure creativity and immediate output – and specifically transforming it into value and real products together with the children's and young people. The continuous work of tangible products from idea to reality makes the entrepreneurial mindset embedded in the children as an approach to life.

Specifically, we draw on methods from artistic processes – music, visual arts, film and Media, performing arts, design and crafts, because we believe that the key to unlocking the personal qualities of the child and the young person proves best here.

Center for Art & Implementer'S Activities:

Courses at school e.g.:

The Choice course "From idea to Product" (Students from 7.0-9. Class
Over the course of 10 times, we are working to realize ideas through digital production. We work with creative processes through 3 different media: print, robot technology and laser cutting. The Focus throughout the process is to give students an understanding of how an idea can be realised through digital production and become a product that can be reproduced and sold. We finish off with a shop with many different products including. Laser-cut keyring, dragons and mobile holders as well as printed gift paper and posters.

UU Theme Course (Students from 4.0-6. Class
Under the theme of "mental health", we are doing a 13-fold course in which students first immerse themselves in meditation and painting activities and then undergo a process in which, based on the artistic processes, we decode their strengths, preferences and approach to Tasks.

Holiday activities e.g.:

Active Winter and Active Autumn in cooperation with Gentofte Municipality (Children from 9-13 years)
During the holiday weeks we work with prints, robots, paints, still life and laser cutting, where the result is that the children get their own products home. We are working among other things. With the themes "Design your own clothing brand" and "Create your own fixed-breed costume out of the upcycling"

Camps eg:

Entrepreneur Camps (Children 8-14 years old)
During School holidays, we offer entrepreneurial camps for children aged 8-14 years, who can spend a week of their holidays working on developing their own products and designs with the help of artists and entrepreneurs.
The Camps'ne is held both in Gentofte and at the Reffen, where the children create and eat lunch every day at the small Food entrepreneurs who have shops at the Reffen. Thus, they experience culture and entrepreneurship in several different ways.

International cooperation:

We have concluded a framework agreement on the establishment of our concept in a number of Chinese cultural centres in the period 2019 – 2025. This means that we need to develop my 30 Danish centres of art and entrepreneurship and the associated training of Chinese trainers and the operation of school units across China.